Air Freight

Air transport is the fastest mode of transport. From special projects, door-to-door, chartering, groupage, express ADR or the handling of customs formalities.

You have a load
You request a quote
We will pick up the Shipment.
We will contact you about the status
We handle the Customs formalities
Your shipment is delivered
From Pallet to Silo, there is a solution for everything.
We will take your wishes into account and look for the best solution. Of course we also offer alternatives.
The transport will start at the Pick-Up location. How this is arranged will be further specified in the quotation.
How nice! This way you stay informed where your shipment is.
Both import and export involve a lot of paperwork. No worries of course
Your shipment will arrive at the desired location and place.

Misha Uhlen

Your contact person for air freight

Stair Freight | sister company of Apex Shipping

06 1364 0237