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cost savings

An active cost-saving policy for your company is an important part of our working method.

But never on service


Satisfying your and our goals is an important matter. We do this by always communicating well with you.

To the hole


Building a relationship with you as a customer and as a partner. We can best respond to you through an active relationship.

Hand in hand


What's more important than a little Fun in the business world. We do like a joke.

Business when you need to be business

Lua Dinh


Ramon Damen

Import Operations Manager

Elise Odijk

import operations

Frank van Lunteren

Export & Import operations

Mats Kouwen

Air Freight Operations

Sharon Kentie


Misha Uhlen


Erwin Poldervaart

Import Operations / Sales

Maxine Colijn

import operations

Andreas Agapios

Account Manager / Operations

Brenda Klerk


Lisa Lievaart


Hank Harmeling


Dominic van de Berg

import operations

Heavenly Ridder

import operations

Tim Butter

Export Operations Manager / Sales

Patrick da Luz

Air Freight Operations

Pascal Ridderbusch


This is

our view

Apex Shipping BV is a logistics service provider that considers service to its customers to be of paramount importance. This is how we try to distinguish ourselves from our competitors in the tough world of logistics. With our large network of agents, we can arrange your transport from and/or to almost any country in the world.